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Z Bakery

Z Bakery and Cafe came to us eager for a modern rebranding.

Their vision was clear and they were ready and excited to use their full potential to expand their visual brand. That being said, we got right to work creating multiple pieces featuring their new logo and conveying a new message for their loyal customers.

A small craftsman style house from the 1920s is home to the cafe and venue, giving off the coziest vibe as you walk through the door.


From the beginning, owner Trina knew exactly what she was looking for: an airy modern feel with a vintage touch. But also black! A lot of black… after all, they were incorporating chalkboards into a new way to display their menu items and restaurant information. We took the art-deco path down vintage lane and paired it with a deep, strong gold, but also incorporated lighter shades of the gold for versatility and consistency. Previously known as Z Bakery, Trina wanted to focus equally on their wide range of food items as well as their rental space services and catering. This is where Z alone took precedence, and the bakery, cafe, and venue parts of the whole held equal weight. Literally encircling all elements created balance and cohesiveness for past and new customers to understand the full circumference of what Z Bakery and Cafe has to offer.

Essential services we provided were product photography and web design: both of which brought Z Bakery and Cafe into modern times. Bright and airy yet high-contrast photos boasted the color food palette and delectable options. The website features a one-page design that is easy to navigate, features essential information for all customers, and provides newcomers with the core message of Z Bakery and Cafe: it is the perfect combination of local smiles, classic taste, and southern charm.