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October 3, 2018
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October 3, 2017

Amor Artis Brewing

When consistency is key, branding is essential.

Amor Artis Brewing's visual identity consisted of a logo and color palette before we stepped in to use these elements to create a brand. Creating guidelines for their employees, partners, collaborators, and supporters to use was essential for Amor Artis to be recognized consistently on all platforms. After these guidelines were set in place, they were ready to move forward with a number of projects.

What's essential for unifying
brand projects?

Looking to redesign their website, Amor Artis had a crucial goal in mind–user friendliness for convenient updating of their ever-changing lineup of available beers on tap. Before a website design could be laid out though, however, it was essential for Amor Artis Brewing to be consistent with their brand. Previously only referencing a logo and restrictive color palette, branding guidelines were inevitable to create unity among all future projects.

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