Charlotte Food Truck Rebranding – Cibi! Cibi!

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April 9, 2022
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April 5, 2022

Cibi! Cibi!

Cheeky, Fun, and Animated

A hometown favorite, Cibi! Cibi! is a foodtruck local to Charlotte's surrounding suburbs of Rock Hill and Fort Mill. While their menu is filled with savory classics that will leave you wanting more, their ingredients are fresh and used with intention. When creating the new brand, we wanted to focus on the owners' animated personalities and the joy their food creates. We chose a unique and playful type and a bright, colorful palette. The handwritten font is representative of the relaxing and casual nature of food trucks, but its placement is clean and deliberate. The colors accent the original Cibi palette with the primary use of navy blue, but the added pops of yellow and red create enthusiasm that is emblematic of the excitement exuding from their enjoyable food. The tagline in a circular motion nods to a smile without any cheesiness.

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