Craft Brewery Beer Bottle Label Design

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October 3, 2018
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October 3, 2018

Amor Artis Brewing

Amor Artis Brewing in Fort Mill, South Carolina

began bottling a handful of their brews less than a year after opening. While branding for the brewery itself was solid, they needed a unique branding for their first line of bottled offerings. Soon after, they released another line of a different category of beers. And then another... Each set of beers was unique from each other, and since we are keen to judge books by their cover, it was essential for customers to be aesthetically attracted to the labels.

Fully taking advantage of the modern sans serif element of the brewery's branding, the 2-color label design is clean yet enticing. The legibility and appropriate white space allow for the potential drinker to focus on what's most important: the beer. With a heavy focus on a descriptive title and detailed explanation of the particular ale, a customer can base their decision not on what they see, but what they will drink.